We believe our client-focused human resource support is strongly aligned with our knowledge and experience. Here's what our clients are saying about us:

“HR ByDESIGN has been providing human resource guidance to Rochon Building Corporation since 2006. Human Resources is a profession that requires compassion, integrity and the ability to make people feel comfortable. Dinah is a professional individual that not only possesses these qualities but also delivers them with confidence. Whether you are growing your business or restructuring your focus, Dinah has the knowledge, ability and networking partners to steer you in the right direction in a cost effective manner.”
~ R. Martinelli, General Manager of Rochon National Services

"HR ByDESIGN is our answer to ensuring we stay on top of our employee and statutory needs while we are all too busy growing our business. A quarterly review by HR ByDESIGN helps us remain on track and keeps our personnel requirements organized"
~ Principal, OBK Technologies Ltd.

"Excellent job! Your understanding of our requirements, and quick, thorough and independent preparation and follow-through on a challenging multiple country project was highly valued! HR ByDESIGN has definitely become one of our preferred service providers!"
~ Vice President of Human Resources, NBS Technologies

“I had the pleasure of hiring Dinah’s company HR ByDESIGN to handle our company’s human resource and recruitment needs. During the period that we worked together, she was instrumental in developing our corporate code of conduct and updating the company’s employee manuals, ensuring that all aspects of both were in keeping with best practices and legal obligations. Dinah’s prescreening of interview candidates is impeccable as she uses her understanding of our corporate culture to ensure that those individuals selected for follow-up interviews are a good fit for the company. Dinah is a pleasure to work with, bringing a positive and collaborative approach to every assignment. I would strongly recommend Dinah to any company that needs assistance with HR policy development and refinement of recruiting.”
~ S. Smith, Taycott Enterprises Inc.

Our successes to date in providing effective human resource solutions include:

  • Implementation of structured approach to employee performance management
  • Creation, revision and implementation of company Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Construction of New Employee Orientation Handbooks
  • Recruitment and selection of candidates for various positions and industries
  • Employee Background Checks in areas such as employment and academic verification prior to hiring
  • Co-design and implementation of an Employee 360 ° Evaluation process
  • Facilitation of workshops to enable employees to expand on communication and team building skills
  • Outplacement services providing resume and cover letter preparation, mock job interviews and assisting in job search techniques
  • Support and guidance in addressing and resolving associate related issues